Male Tantric Massage

About me

16+ years ago I started on my path of spiritual discovery and have been practicing healing ever since. I got interested in healing during my medical studies in Hamburg - Germany.

I studied Medicine for 7 years and worked part-time for 6 of them in several nursing jobs. These studies gave me a broad understanding of illnesses as well as anatomy and physiology etc. I have since had a general interest in alternative therapies especially Hands-on-Healing/ SPIRITUAL HEALING/ REIKI which I continuously practiced for myself , friends, family and colleagues.

After moving to London I worked and studied for 5 years in Accounts. After a while it became clear to me, that in order to follow my heart, it was time to offer healing to the general public and make it my full time profession.

I am a SPIRITUAL HEALER (mNFSH - and a REIKI MASTER.(see more under link -


On my journey with SPIRITUAL HEALING/ REIKI I started to discover the power of touch and my talent in giving massage.

In 2007 I have qualified as a REJUVENATING FACE LIFT MASSAGE/ INDIAN FACE MASSAGE Therapist with the London Centre of Indian Champissage (see more under link - . I also visited a Seminar on Tantric Massage for men. I have since been giving SENSUAL EROTIC TANTRIC MASSAGEs. Over time I have moulded my technique to create a massage experience that is deeply sensual, relaxing, nurturing, erotic and invigorating.

In 2008 I qualified and received my Diploma as an advanced HAWAIIAN MASSAGE Therapist with the Hawaiian Massage UK Training Centre. (see more under link -

It seems that the above mix, a genuine love for people, the desire to help and create Happiness and possibly having played the piano for over 20 years have helped me to develop a magical 'Touch' which is usually greatly appreciated by my clients and one that quite a few of them come back to experience again and again .(see more under link - Testimonials)